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    Question about new Performance Optimizer recommendations for the ePO SQL database


      A couple of days ago, we installed the latest Performance Optimizer into our ePO server. This optimizer has run some checks against our ePO SQL database and suggested that we make the changes below. Are these the settings that other people use for their ePO SQL database? Will it cause any issues to make these changes? When we setup the SQL database, I remember that the documentation stated to use 10% for the auto growth settings. The optimizer is recommending changing it to 256MB for data files and 128MB for the log files.  I am not a SQL expert so am wondering if we should make these changes listed below.



      Below are the changes it is recommending


      AutoGrowth - data files change to 256MB and 128MB for log files - this is both for the ePO database and the tempdb.


      TempDB should have the same number of data files as cpu cores - we are using 2 cpu cores.


      Backup compression default should be set to 1


      Cost threshold for parallelism should be set to 50


      Auto shrink should be set for false