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      please let me know how to schedule in protection pilot server to update at client.


      T. Saravana.
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          Page 76 of the product guide for PP 1.5:

          The Update client task updates these managed products with the detection
          definition (DAT) files, scanning engine, service pack releases, and patch releases in the server repository.

          1 In the tree pane under McAfee ProtectionPilot, select All Computers, a group of computers, or an individual computer.
          2 Click the Scheduled Tasks tab. The Scheduled Tasks page appears.
          3 Click Create Task under Management Tasks.
          4 Select the ProtectionPilot Agent | Update task, then click Next under Management Tasks.
          5 Type a descriptive name for the task in Name under Task Settings.
          6 Click Settings to open the Task Settings dialog box.
          7 To display the progress of the update to users, select Show update progress dialog. To install the update without notifying users, deselect Show update progress dialog.
          8 To provide users the option to postpone the update, select Allow users to
          postpone this update. Users can specify how long to postpone the update.
          9 In Maximum number of postpones allowed, type the maximum number of times users can postpone the update before it is installed automatically.
          10 In Postpone timeout interval, type how long (in seconds) users have to postpone the update before it is installed automatically.
          11 Click OK to save the current entries.
          12 Deselect Inherit under Schedule Settings.
          13 Select Enable; otherwise, the task won’t start, regardless of settings on this page.
          14 To limit the amount of time for which the task can run before it is automatically cancelled, select Stop the task if it runs for, then specify the time limit.
          15 Select the frequency for the task in Select an interval, then specify the
          corresponding frequency options that appear. For example, if you selected
          Daily, Daily Options appear.
          16 Click Apply Settings under Management Tasks to save the current entries.