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    AgentState value - what does it mean and should I be concerned?

      Hi all,

      New to EPO but inherited an old setup which is in a bit of a mess. Just trying to get my head round what we have so have lots of little questions.

      Setup is EPO
      CMA agent is on the vast majority of servers (some are a bit lower)
      Server 2003 Sp1

      Looking in SQL and when doing a query of "Select * from leafnode", one of the columns is AgentState. Some servers have a value of 0, some a value of 1 but there appears to be no pattern as to which server has which. Some SARs have a value of 0, some have a value of 1.

      What does AgentState mean and do I need to be concerned that there is a mixture of values? If the values are incorrect, what is the best way to change them?