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    Migrate to new server (ePO 4.6.5 to 5.3.2)




      We have ePO 4.6.5 running on a Windows 2008 (64 bit) server. As you can imagine we desperately need to upgrade it so I have built a new server running Windows 2012 R2 and have already installed and patched ePO on it up to 5.3.2.  But I am now stuck because from what I am reading I can not transfer over my clients to the new server because it is not supported. This is because we are running EEPC 7.0.3 on our epo 4.6.5 server. My questions are:


      1. Do I have to upgrade my old (4.6.5) ePO server first to a version that would support the newest Encryption software (because that does support transferring from one ePO environment to another)?
        1. If so, what version of ePO should I go to? I tried to update to 5.3.2 but it fails like crazy on the pre-check tool.
      2. Is there a work around to avoid upgrading the old server?
      3. Does anyone have any better ideas or point out if I'm doing something wrong?
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          Hope this will help,


          1. It's long upgrade process from 4.6.5 to 5.3.2 (4.6.5 to 4.6.8/4.6.9 and then to 5.1.2/3 or direct 5.3.2 - read release notes that will help), so better approach the below -

               If you already have new ePO server with all upgraded version of McAfee products then create plan to upgrade products phase wise

               Hope you have similar configuration as your old ePO like AD Sync, Domain Name etc..

          System Without Drive Encryption -

               Install McAfee Agent first (supported version to your client OS and ePO) and then create client VSE-HIPS client tasks to upgrade (If you have already upgraded version then no need to configure this)


          System With Drive Encryption -

               Take Pilot System - Install McAfee agent from new ePO - Upgrade VSE-HIPS (If any) and check status of your system in New ePO server, it should reflect Encryption version - Here System identified new ePO server so it will try to send Encryption key to new ePO server and start communicating with respect to Drive Encryption...

               Once verified, Run Drive Encryption (7.1.3) task, it will replace the old version and place new Drive Encryption


          Please do keep check the log files in-case of any issue, MFEEPE log file for Drive Encryption..

          Also keep your old ePO server online so in-case of any issue with Drive Encryption you will have the keys and data to recover...

          Here I assume that you are planning to upgrade other McAfee components along with McAfee Agent, please post which products you have and want to upgrade...


          Thank you...

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            I'd do an in-place upgrade to ePO 4.6.9 on the old server first.


            Update extensions and products to the latest (supported) versions of everything you use.


            Update Drive encryption to 7.1.3 on your old (now 4.6.9) server, and roll it out.


            Run the migration wizard checking for compatibility, and sort out any issues you find before attempting the migration.


            If SQL is local to the ePO server, read the KB articles carefully.


            If it is external, make sure the SQL server is running a version of SQL which is compatible with both 4.6.9 and 5.3.2.


            Rebuild your new ePO server, installing ePO after using the migration tool to migrate the data.


            re-IP (and name) your new ePO server to the same as the original..


            And it should just work.


            I recently migrated an ePO server from 4.6.9, DE 7.1.3, to ePO 5.3.2 using the method outlined above.





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              Hey all,


              Thanks for your time and replies! I ended up contacting Gold Support and they remoted in and helped me out. It took 4 and half hours but we have it taken care of. To those looking for the same thing I would recommend contacting Gold Support! They were great!