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    McAfee DLP

    Furqan Ahmed

      Dear All,


      I want to protect my word file which in on the local system, not the network share. I want to save the file content let say any one cannot copy the text from the file and also i want to  protect it from screen shot. I am new to the DLP and want to evaluate this product.


      please help me



      furqan ahmed

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          It might be best to contact your McAfee reseller and get some professional help - that way you can fully understand the product?

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            Furqan Ahmed



            i am using the product in evluation mode and get directly from the site.

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              You would have needed a grant number to access the evaluation site - so you must have a McAfee reseller?

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                Furqan Ahmed



                i don't have reseller, i am just downloaded it from the site.

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                  Screen Shot protection uses tagging to protect the file. This means the file itself is protected regardless of the actual content in the file. Files can be tagged either manually or by using the Discovery feature of DLPE. Discovery will crawl the system and identify files that contain information that match the content criteria set for the scan. Once the file is tagged, screen shot will respect the tag on the file.


                  Content protection is designed for in flow data such as sending an email or transferring a file. Screen shot protection does not scan all of the open files on the system before allowing the screen shot to be copied to the clipboard but rather checks if open files have specific tags.


                  Depending on the version you are testing with this works a little different. Take a look in the product guides and it explains it in a little more detail:


                  PD26068 - Data Loss Prevention Endpoint 9.4 Product Guide

                  PD26684 - Data Loss Prevention 10.0.100 Product Guide

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                    Furqan Ahmed

                    Hi jhall,


                    Thanks for the reply , i will try to implement this. I want to ask one more question is that possible to tag "jpeg" files. Let say i have scan multiple document in the Jpeg format and i want to tag all the file in the folder.




                    Furqan Ahmed

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                      Endpoint discovery scan with content classification as an action.


                      Or you can do an application content classification by identifying the scanner app.

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                        Furqan Ahmed

                        Dear Abanaru,


                        how we can configure configure endpoint discovery with content classification as an action.





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                          You start by creating a classification then an "endpoint discovery rule - local file system" and end up by assigning it to an "endpoint scan" of the local file system.


                          The content classification can be set as an action in the creation of the "endpoint discovery rule - local file system".

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