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      New win 10 PC preinstalled livesafe which has expired.  MCPR wll not run - no response after trying to launch.  Have uninstalled via control panel but wish to do a more thorough cleanup.  Happy to do manually if I can get guidelines


      Can anyone please suggest how to run MCPR  thx

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                           Did you reboot after initial uninstallation from Programs\Features? Try installing the latest tool    MCPR   and run again.


                             If you are still having issues you can contact Technical Support (Free) 24/7 https://service.mcafee.com


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            thx for your prompt reply.  Yes all the above have been tried but the symptoms indicate to me failure to launch or start


            I will contact support unless there is anything else that can be suggested.  One thing which may be relevant is it is an AMD processor

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              It's best to contact support in your situation for quick resolution. AMD processor shouldn't be a cause for concern.




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                                You are most welcome Keep in mind that your processor being (AMD) should not be an issue. As long as it meets the McAfee System Requirements (Speed). I know because I have a system running one


                                   Are you certain you have the required Microsoft Visual C+++Redistributables (X86\X64) installed?


                                   I agree with Sanjay (Tier Tech 2.5) that your quickest resolution would be to contact Technical Support. Having said that, have you tried using another Browser? In addition look at these suggestions Unable to continue installation. Error 0 (with Windows Security Suites)


                                     Just thought I would add that...


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                  Ooops ! Two replies are better than one !  Sorry Mate.