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    import epo 3.6 queries into eop 4


      I'm playing arround with epo 4 in my test environment before we migrate our live environment.

      My first impressions are disapointing, especially the console.
      It is a lot more clicking around to get the same info as in epo 3.6 console
      I'm really missing the directory especially the dragging and dropping computers
      It was also a lot faster and easier to get info from a computer you just selected the computer and voila
      you had all the properties or policies at once and you only had to use the arrow keys to go to the next or previous computer. I really miss that.

      At the other side the creating queries seems to be a lot easier.
      but also have some disadvantages.
      Why can't I directly edit the query SQL (only view)
      How can I migrate / import queries from epo 3.6 into 4?
      I have a lot of queries in 3.6 that I want to use in 4.
      I also used to retrieve data via scripts (used in my own software & excel sheets) but this also doesn't work anymore
      probably due to changes in the SQLdatabank structure.
      If I could migrate my V3.6 queries into epo 4 then I can view the sql queries in the console and use them back in my own software.

      Any help on this topic is welcome