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    Agent installs failing - Compiled/Precompiled.xml corrupt

      Hey all.

      I have a handful of machines here that I am having trouble getting a working Agent installed on. These registers never show up in the EPO console, and do not appear to have an Agent GUID in the registry. When trying to uninstall, I get an error to the effect that one or both of the file 'compiled.xml' and 'precompiled.xml' are corrupt, and the uninstall fails. It is not possible to delete/remove the files either, again because they are corrupt. I can copy FramePkg and install it on top of the previous instance, but the corrupted Precompiled.xml remains and the agent will never successfully check in to EPO, getting a 'REQUEST PUBLIC KEY' message in the agent log and not much else.

      Anyone seen this before? Ideas on how to deal with it? Any help would be appreciated.

      Agent version is, EPO