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    How to make exceptions for Endpoint Security IP Spoof Protection




      I turned on IP spoof protection in Endpoint Security 10.2 Firewall Options and in LAN, everything is ok.

      When we go to our corporate VPN though, the firewall blocks everything.

      I've tried to approach this issue on many different ways, making all sorts of exceptions, with no luck.


      I've populated Defined Networks with our known trusted subnets, I made application specific exclusions,

      but still, everything gets blocked. Chrome for example is unable to connect to internet regardless how

      I modifiy the exceptions in Firewall Rules.

      Just to be sure that maybe the rules that I made in ePO aren't correct, I made them in local laptop's

      Endpoint Security, where the interface is a bit more user friendly. I created the exception, Applied.

      Still nothing.


      Anyone know/have a working exclusion example to get around IP Spoofing feature ? I'd rather keep it

      on, than off. Currently I had to turn it off so people could use VPN.