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    Migrating ePO Agents to a new ePO Server using FTP Repository

      I'm new here! I didn't find any thread on upgrading using FTP repository.
      There is one using SuperAgent. http://forums.mcafeehelp.com/showthread.php?t=147550

      At my location we have ePO 3.6.1 and we are in the process of moving to a new epo 4 server (new IP/new Name). We have both versions running and each have a FTP Distributed repository. Most of the workstations are moved to the new epo server by reinstalling the epo4 framepkg through a login script as recommended by Mcafee.
      I have about 500 or so workstations that are remote and don't run login script. These machines I don't have physical access to manually install.
      I did some testing and was able to get them to check in to new epo4 server.
      Basically what I did was added the epo4 ftp server to the AutoUpdate Repositoy list on the epo 3 client and had it do a epo deployment task.

      Here is how I did it.
      On the ePO3 console
      Created a new ePolicy Orchestrator Agent policy - under the Repositories tab I added my EPO4 Repository FTP server to the top of the list, removed the check marks on the other servers.

      Associate the workstations you want to upgrade to use this new policy.
      Do a wakeup call for the new policy to take affect.

      Create a new deployment task to install epo agent set it to run immediately.
      Make sure the task is enabled on the workstations you did the policy change.
      Do another wakeup call

      It should now start the epo 4 agent install using the framepkg in epo4ftp server.
      Next policy enforcement it should check in to the new EPO4 server- usually 5 min.

      Has anyone tried this? I've tried this on 2 workstations and it seams to work.
      If anyone has better idea please let me know or run into problems. I'm going to do further testing, before moving the 500 over to new epo server.
        • 1. easier way
          goto your dns server and make sure there is an entry for the old epo server, change the ip on it to the ip of the new epo server. caveat: you must be using the same port for communication on the new epo server. agents find epo server by ip and if that falls they try dns, use dns to point to new epo. This is not officially supported by mcafee.
          • 2. RE: easier way
            Digging up an old thread here as I'm also in the same boat as you.

            I think this will only work if your deploying a new agent version. If the agent reporting to epo3.6 are on the same version as epo4 then a deployment task won't work. The agent won't be reinstalled as epo sees its the same version.

            i'm waiting for MA4 patch 1 to be released so I can deploy to the remaining machines.
            • 3. RE: easier way
              Yes its a different version and its been working great! There are a several that haven't worked but at least its a manageable number that I'll have to manually install.
              As far as the DNS thing, it will not work for me because ePO4 is using a different communication port.