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    McAfee VirusScan Enterprise for Storage


      I'm evaluating the VirusScan Enterprise for Storage product, scanning a 4 node EMC Isilon storage array.  My scan settings are set via the Isilon for "On File Open" as opposed to "On File Close" or "On File Open and Closed."  The problem is I have no way to shut down virus scanning when I'm running my nightly Tivoli backup of the SMB shares on the Isilon.  As the files are opened for backup, they are passed to the Scanner, which causes my backups to run well past their normal window.  I don't have the setting controls I need in the Isilon, so I need a way to shutdown the scanner while backups run.  I can't shutdown the scanner service through Windows, as I don't have the necessary permissions, and can't change the SDDL settings for the scanner service to get the permissions.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.