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    What is the name of this infection?




      Let me explain my issue to you.


      I scanned my laptop with Microsoft Malicious Removal Tool and it reports an infected file during scan, then reports no

      infections on completion..


      I contacted a Microsoft Agent and said it's virus.


      I feel like having a virus indeed.


      For example, If I configured programs to start up with windows from its options and restart computer, nothing happen and

      when checking the setting again found it changed.. !


      The same happened when I close program and open it again"loose its configurations I made"..

      This happened with many programs like Skype, Internet download manager even my Touch-pad software which made it stop working probably "tried updating drivers and the issue remains"..


      I made a scan with McAfee VirusScan Enterprise.v8.8 patch 4, It was 90 days trial. I updated it and scanned

      with it but didn't find anything and the issue remain.


      Could you please help me with that?


      Thanks in advance..