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    Mcafee DLP 10.0

    Furqan Ahmed

      Dear All,


      I am new to DLP 10.0, i was installed McAfee DLP 10.0 in evaluation basis to check the product, i want to add custom dictionary classification for the word let say Htech, when ever user try to copy the word it deny the the past and show the notification to user.  I have perform the following step to perform such action.


      1)select DLP classification from the menu and click on new classification.

      2)Now select "The word Htech" and click action->new content classification criteria.

      3)Now name it Htech classification and add data dictionary condition on it and click on ...

      4)click on New Item .

      5)Name it Htech dictonary and in the phrase text work i have enter the work htech.

      6)but when i enter the work htech and try to add, it doesn,t add the word htech in dictionary

      please help me to rectify the issue




      Furqan Ahmed.