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    Subscription Renewal Issues


      I bought a new 1 year subscription for McAfee® Internet Security 2016 Unlimited Users from a seller on Amazon (well, 2 to be accurate - I'll elaborate later!)


      When I entered the activation key after I logged into my McAfee account in the 'Redeem your Retail Card' section, it was good and the subscription activated. The problem is that it didn't stack with my old subscription which has 2 months remaining. I know that if you activate a key for a product that matches the one you currently have, IT WILL STACK, as I've done so several times before (once adding 2 years to the 5 months remaining).


      My old subscription that ends in 2 months is called:-


      McAfee® Internet Security via McAfee


      And the new subscription that I activated that will end in one years time:-


      McAfee® Internet Security via Argos


      Now Argos is a major retailer in the UK. It appears that the system sees them as different products because of the slight difference in name, and therefore they didn't stack! I also activated the key for the second subscription I bought from that Amazon seller, and that stacked with the new account (since that too was called McAfee® Internet Security via Argos, the system asked me if I wanted to extend a current subscription, or start a new one), giving an expiry date 30th October 2018.


      What is baffling me is that the new account (Argos) says Licenses:  Unlimited (just like the old one) but the True key section is says Licenses:  0 of 50 in use, whereas the old account only had one available license for True Key. Does this sound legit? I usually avoid buying software/licenses off Amazon Sellers, but did so this time as only they were selling the exact version that I currently had (with a view to extending the subscription). That 50 available True Key licenses seems a little strange to me if the version is intended for a home user.

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                            Normally you would wait until almost the expiry date, and then uninstall that Subscription from your Control Panel/Programs and Features/Restart. Then run the latest McAfee MCPR Tool/Restart. The go to your account and install your purchased Subscription.


                             See the Knowledge Based FAQ: https://community.mcafee.com/external-link.jspa?url=http%3A%2F%2Fservice.mcafee. com%2FFAQDocument.aspx%3Flc%3D1033%26id%…


                               Of course you can also contact Customer Service 24/7 at no cost ; https://service.mcafee.com/webcenter/portal/cp/home/contact


          All the Best,



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            I know that's what you lot on here usually recommend!


            But I've been able to extend before several times, as long as the product is exactly the same. McAfee itself states this here:-


            https://service.mcafee.com/webcenter/portal/cp/home/articleview?articleId=TS1021 50


            "What happens to the expiration date of my subscription if I renew early?
            If you renew your McAfee subscription early, a full year will be added to your subscription, beginning on your current expiration date. You will not lose any time from your subscription."


            What I'm worried about is the 50 True Key licenses I now have! This suggests to me that this is a corporate/academic license that shouldn't have been sold as a home version?

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              To address your concerns, I will ask a 'Truekey Expert' to possibly chime in and add to the Discussion.


              marcd  Could you kindly assist this User?

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                I'm not too worried about losing 2 months, as the new subscription I now have consisting of the 2 new products stacked runs until this time in 2018, and I didn't pay very much for them both! What I'm concerned about is the 50 True Key licenses I now have, with regards to the legitimacy of what I bought! The fact that the system accepted both new keys proves they are legit, but 50 TK licenses suggests the product isn't intended for personal use!

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                  I fully understand your concern...Hence is why I have asked a 'Senior Trukey Expert' from the (Truekey Team)

                  It is very early here in the (US). I am quite certain that marcd will add to the discussion once he gets to work.


                  Thank you,


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                    Righto! Thanks for you help!


                    The reason I've always tried to stack subscriptions is because it drives me nuts having to re-install software I already have, since it messes up the neat order I have of programs allowed access through the firewall! Takes me days to get them back to the way I like, since there is no sort.


                    This is only the second time I haven't be able to extend subscriptions in 8 years. Last year the change of name from 'McAfee Internet Security' to 'McAfee® Internet Security' stopped it happening. That '®' seemed to be the bugbear!


                    I'm away from my computer for a few hours, so will reply to any further replies when I'm able!

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                      Good morning,

                      I am not sure where to start on this issue. Let me first say that although I am not knowledgeable enough on McAfee antivirus software bundles like the McAfee Internet Security, stacking on the license to add to the activation time s something we don't usually recommend but having said that I am glad that it as worked for you the majority of times.

                      What really does concern me is the number of True Key Premium licenses (50) that you said can be activated with your McAfee software bundle, I have never seen that, the maximum of licenses I seen being provided with McAfee software is 5 with McAfee Live Safe.

                      I would recommend to proceed with caution as I don't know how legitimate this offer is, I am going to send you an private message so i can obtain your email profile ID and try to see what I can discover from pour database in terms of TK Premium licenses associated with your profile ID.


                      Marc Dahan

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                        As I said, both the activation keys worked properly, and my account now shows a new subscription called 'McAfee® Internet Security via Argos' that expires on the 30th October 2018 running in parallel with my old subscription. It has unlimited licenses, but 50 True Key licenses! Argos is a major high street and internet retailer in the UK. Could what I was sold be intended for their use to put on machines they sell to the public?


                        I am usually wary of buying from Amazon sellers, but took a risk this time as the product advertised appeared to be the exact version that I already had, and wanted to stack it with the current subscription as I'm due to move house when the old subscription is due to end, and therefore might not have internet to sort out a new subscription.


                        I can't make out head of tail of the messaging service on here to send you a message! This powered by jive system makes no sense!


                        Also, since any software I download associated with the new license is from my McAfee account, then it's certain to be safe, even regarding the legitimacy of the license?

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                          click on marcd's name and open his profile. On right hand side choose follow and done. that way he can then follow you and send you a message.

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