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    What is GenericRXAI-VC!2CCF02DE4F44


      I recently got a new computer, and had copied over a bunch of files from the old computer. I just did a full scan on the new computer, and it found GenericRXAI-VC!2CCF02DE4F44 on one of the files from the old computer. It was some ZIP install for old CDR software. Not sure how old it was as it seems to have disappeared. There is no info on this detection name.


      What I don't like is how hard it was to find this info. After running the scan, it just says it found one infected file, with the name of the detection that linked to a McAfee search, which in turn said it found nothing about it. In order to find WHICH file was infected, I had to go to the security history, and that takes 2-3 minutes to read the log! I'm not sure if it quarantined it, or just deleted it. This program has been so stupidified it tells you almost nothing.


      I'd also like to know why the firewall seems to be blocking incoming connections from my Comcast DNS address (