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    Delete Detected Systems

      I removed ePO 4 from Win2k3 and reinstalled and patched it to 4.0.2. We're pushing VirusScan 8.5 with the 3.6 agent to WinXP Pro SP2 machines.

      So far, things are looking good, but I need to better understand how to maintain the systems. I can find instructions about this in the guide, but some of it is open to interpretation.

      I have AD Discovery set to run starting at 3am every day (it's about a 1500 node network and I split them to 3 groups with 3 different AD Discoverys running 30 minutes apart). The final group's AD Discovery runs at 4am.

      I set the "RSD: Default Delete Detected Systems Task" to run at 5am every morning and with the default of delete machines after 2 months.

      My questions:
      If RSD deletes a machine from ePO on Tuesday morning, but it's AD object is still in AD, will the AD-Discovery pick it up again Wednesday morning? Can this be configured and if so, where?

      If the above happens and AD Discovery adds a machine back to ePO, does it's timer start over again, or will RSD delete it again?