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    True Key install error in Win10 Pro


      Hi, I'm using Truekey since its first moment (migrated form Password Box), with no problems in some different platforms in portuguese: Android, Win10 SL, Win7 Ultimate.
      I´ve upgraded my Win7 Ultimate to Win10 Pro with no problems, but after one of the last major build updates of Win10 Pro problems began.
      First I had to uninstall Truekey because it was damaged with the update, and after that I cannot install it again, no matter what.
      After running "True Key Setup.exe" and downloading the necessary data, I get a message like this "Oops, something has gone wrong" and the options to "Cancel" or "Try again".
      Any option leads to the same issue afterall: no instalation. "Cancel" closes the app and "Try again" runs forever and has to be stopped through Task Manager.

      At this moment I run Win10 Pro x64 version 10.0.14393.

      I also use Avast Internet Security and IBM Security Trusteer Rapport, due to corporate policies.
      Have tried to install Truekey with both security softwares disabled, unsuccesfully.


      Is there any known issue with Win10 Pro or any one of those security apps?
      I really like Truekey and wanna keep it, but I need it working in this machine.

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          One of the first things that is brought to my attention, is the fact that you have more than one Security Application\Anti-Virus installed. Which will definitely conflict with your McAfee Software, even cause issues when attempting to install.


          At any point during your attempt to install,did the McAfee\Truekey Installer prompt you that you had (incompatible) software installed and needed to be removed? Even 'Windows Defender' is incompatible as it contains Anti-Virus capabilities in 'Windows 10'.


          This is my assumption. I will tag an expert from the 'Truekey Team' and hopefully he can add to the discussion.

          During the Interim, you can always contact Technical Support free of charge 24/7

          https://service.mcafee.com/webcenter/portal/cp/home/contact  Phone\Online Chat being the quickest.


          marcd  Could you kindly add your expertize to the discussion please?


          All the Best,



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            Hi Sami,


            Although, what catdaddy is suggesting to be related to antivirus issue, is entirely possible, in general when an antivirus is blacklisting an application it should be flagged as such when the scan is ran. So for the time being, I rather concentrate with the application itself and if that does not work we can then see other troubleshooting avenues.


            Having said that, one of the issues I see is with the installation as it is possible that the install files are corrupted.

            You can try to uninstall it but my guess is that there is still traces of TK on your system.


            Please go ahead and with the following steps you will get rid of True Key on your system completely:


            1) Uninstall the existing TK and/or YAP versions. Start -> Control Panel -> Add or Remove Programs. Select “Intel Security True Key” from the list and click Uninstall.

            2) Check if the folder C:\Program Files\McAfeeYAP is present. In case it has files inside run uninst.exe. Some old YAP versions does not show the uninstall in "Add or Remove Programs"

            3) After uninstalling from "Add or Remove Programs", delete these folders if present:

            • C:\Program Files\TrueKey
            • C:\Program Files\Intel Security\True Key
            • C:\ProgramData\Intel\Intel(R) Technology Access (used in old True Key versions)
            • C:\ProgramData\McAfee\CSP
            • C:\Program Files\McAfee YAP
            • C:\Program Files\Common Files\McAfee\CSP

            4) Check on Windows Registry that there is not any “McAfee YAP” or "True Key” entry. If then, delete them and then reinstall the latest version.

            5) Check that Password Box is NOT installed in the same PC you are using for True Key

            6) Reboot the system


            Once you have done this, please go to www.truekey.com and click on download again and let me know if this time it works installing the application.




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              Thank you Marc

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                Great thanks Marc.
                I´ve followed your instructions twice, but unfortunatelly it was unsuccessfully.
                In fact, I tried that before with the same results.
                Here is the message I get (sorry it is in portuguese but the translation is the one I quoted above).IMG_20161028_182241.jpg

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                  OK Sami, thanks for your reply.

                  So I am rulling out for now a corrupt installer. You are behind a corporate proxy/ firewall, are you able to install True Key outside this firewall? If you cannot install it here or on any other device then we will focus more on the error message you are getting but if you can, I will say the firewall you are behind is preventing the installation.



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