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    Deploying McAfee Agent from ePO fails with Err=64


      Hey everyone,


      I have not had much luck finding information on err=64 online. I am about to open a case with Mcafee but I wanted to see if anyone else has an idea first.I recently installed ePO 5.1.2-348 with WDE  I go to System Tree and hit New System. I type in the FQDN of the PC and my credentials that have admin on that machine.  The task fails to push the agent, and the server log on the server shows:


      20161028090008 E #03632 NAIMSERV Push Agent Installation Program to {Name hidden} failed

      20161028090038 E #04688 NAIMSERV Failed to authenticate to {name hidden}, err=64


      Has anyone else came across this?  I opened ports on the server based on the ePO Knowledge base and I know the credentials I am supplying have local admin.