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    Infinite reboot on Dell Latitude e6540's (McAfee Drive Encryption v


      We deploy McAfee Encryption on all our laptop machines.  This almost always goes seamlessly. 


      Recently, we have a new machine which began an infinite reboot behavior after encryption.  From a cold boot, the machine will briefly show (flash) the McAfee logon and then reboot ~ over and over again until it is powered down.  The odd thing is this behavior it not absolute.  Approximately once every 10 to 20 times the machine will successfully boot up to and allow logon at the McAfee logon screen and then log in to Windows 7.  This infinite reboot issue occurs always from a cold boot so we have to turn the machine off and on until it successfully boots (or use the McAfee encryption tools to reach Windows 7).


      We have decrypted and then re-encrypted and even reimaged the machine with no luck.  This issue is machine specific. We took the encrypted hard drive out of this machine, placed it in another and there was no issue.  We took the encrypted hard drive which had no issues out of another machine placed it in the machine with the infinite reboot issue and the issue occurred.


      The machine is a Dell Latitude e6540.  Some of our in-house tech support folks say this is a motherboard incompatibility issue with some Dell machines and McAfee encryption.  They say it can be fixed with a motherboard replacement from Dell.  Since the motherboard is working fine otherwise, we thought it might be wise to see if anyone else has encountered this issue and whether there is a fix to try before replacing a brand new motherboard (at our own expense since I doubt Dell would buy in to this remedy).