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    How do I exclude some processes

      Hi everybody

      On one windows server 2003 we are use a blackberry server.

      question: How I can exclude some blackberry processes trough mcafee av 8.0 ?


        • 1. exclude processes
          I suppose you want to exclude some processes from certain access protection policies?

          Remember to always do this from the EPO (if you run centralized management) I read that once you alter these processes locally on VSE you will not be able to override this from the ePO later.

          Open the access protection policy, select the rule (f.ex "prevent mass mailing worms from sending mail") click edit, make sure there is a * in the included processes list. Put in the process you want to exclude in the comma separated list of excluded processes. Apply, close. If you are uncertain of what processes to exclude you can always have a look in the local access protection log on the blackberry server to see what have been blocked.

          Regs: Ronny