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    Disable GTI in ENS 10.2


      Hi there

      How can I completely disable GTI Reputation Service?


      The Common Options Policy only lists GTI Proxy setting which is set to "no proxy server"

      Within Threat Prevention Policies "On-Access Scan" & "On-Demand Scan" there is one option "Enable McAfee GTI". These checkboxes are disabled.

      The Threat Prevention Options Policy lists the option "proactive data Analysis".....GTI Feedback & AMCore Content Reputation. Both turned OFF.

      Within Firewall Options Policy there are several options concerning GTI, which are unchecked. Also "incoming & outgoing threshold" is set to "do not block".

      WebControl is not even installed on the ePO server.


      But I still got drops on our Enterprise Firewall where clients access the IP


      With VSE8 there was a separate extension (DAT Reputation) to use for disabling the reputation service.

      How would you do this in ENS 10.2? Apparently I did not shut it off completely (finance industry does not accept GTI).