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    Av Sysadmin with update problems

      Macfee EPO HTTP and FTP not updates from Mcafee not working?

      Download timed out?
      Download failed hash check?
      CRC failures on downloaded files?

      I'm not the first, and this is getting very annoying, complete the poll and lets see how Bad the situation really is.
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          At 11am USA CST I noticed that both the production and test EPO 3.6.1 servers are failing their HTTP pull tasks.

          This is from the EPOAPsvr.log from test server.

          20080912110240 I #1336 SIM_InetMgr Downloaded file MS04-031_Q841533.txt.js successfully in session 1
          20080912110240 e #1336 SiteMgr VerifyFileItem: File size verification for C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\nai5F.tmp\00000011\MS04-031_Q841533.txt.js failed.
          20080912110240 e #1336 SiteMgr CheckInMirrorPackage: Verify file MS04-031_Q841533.txt.js size and hash failed, hr=-111

          this is from the production server:

          20080912110640 I #2812 SIM_InetMgr Downloaded file MS07-027Q931768.txt.js successfully in session 1
          20080912110640 e #2812 SiteMgr VerifyFileItem: File size verification for C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\nai2AB.tmp\00000011\MS07-027Q931768.txt.js failed.
          20080912110640 e #2812 SiteMgr CheckInMirrorPackage: Verify file MS07-027Q931768.txt.js size and hash failed, hr=-111

          20080912112548 I #3068 SIM_InetMgr Downloaded file avvdat-5383.zip successfully in session 1
          20080912112548 e #3068 SiteMgr VerifyFileItem: File size verification for C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\nai2AC.tmp\00000011\avvdat-5383.zip failed.
          20080912112548 e #3068 SiteMgr CheckInMirrorPackage: Verify file avvdat-5383.zip size and hash failed, hr=-111

          Update: The server finally downloaded the DAT 5383 after about 3 failed attempts.
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            I haven't got problems to download, but to check-in packages.

            20081009095331 I #33272 NaInet Downloading file: \\IP-Address\subdirectory\catalog.z from UNC Server
            20081009095331 I #33272 SIM_InetMgr Downloaded file catalog.z successfully in session 1
            20081009095331 e #33272 SiteMgr MirrorThreadProc: Failed to decrypt and extract C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\naiAE45.tmp\00000000\catalog.z, hr=0xffffff93

            Most problems with catalog.z and pkgcatalog.z

            Hope this gets fixed soon.
            • 3. Updates from McAfee fail at least 50% of the time !
              Too late to vote.

              I just checked on my ePO 4.0 server.
              The "Update Master Repository" task (I assume that's what you meant) fails _at least_ several times per day. On average I'd say it doesn't succeed more than 50% of the time ! :confused:

              Yes that's what you just read, Updates from McAfee fail at least 50% of the time ! :mad:

              I just checked the server task log for the past 30 days and update failure are much too frequent. It's getting that I'm not sure the VDFs are reliable... I'll look into how to generate a report on update failures.

              - S-
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                Yes exactly, that's the task. I really don't know what files he's checking in (I expect the new dat-files) however the whole last week this task failed. Then yesterday all worked without problems. Today I got the problem again. This task is running once a day.
                I assume to running it more won't fix the problem coz still he can't extract and decrypt that catalog.z or pkgcatalog.z. I tried this several times. My workaround is; I'm just deleting all the downloaded packages and redownload them and hope that he's able to check In. That's so annonying.
                • 5. Daily vs. hourly

                  Here we run it once every hour ! Since this is a "corporate" server (& service) and we expect attacks, we do our best to get updates ASAP...
                  I'm not sure how often McAfee publishes new DAT but I know one Company that does at least 4 times a day ! :cool:

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                    The dats update once a day (and not at weekends / although this is changing soon) In general I cant get a valid update for a round 6 hours after the update comes out, but this is ok for me as I can still get one at 4-6 am ready for the new day.
                    If you run update tasks in the period just after they have just changed then they will probably fail as everyone else is doing the same and they time out.
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                      That's what I thought was my problem. But since I checked what I was downloading and I couldn't see that a file was missing/corrupt or anything (I actually just had problems to check in the packages not to download) I was quite sure that, that can't be the problem.
                      My Servers are behinde a lot of firewalls and It wouldn't be that tragic If they hadn't got the latest dat. That's why we were manging this with 1 daily update at CET 6 AM. I changed this now and running the download from the ftp and the reposititory pull every 6 hours. Thanks for the advices!