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    IPSec, Windows 7 and Host Intrusion Prevention




      Just wondering if any of you have implemented IPSec on Windows 7 with Host Intrusion Prevention used instead of the Windows firewall.

      There's a very good article that talks about how to set up an IPSEC connection with encryption and authentication on Windows 7 here http://www.it.cornell.edu/services/managed_servers/howto/ipsec.cfm.  In a nutshell, it looks like you use the Connection Security Rules to set up authentication (which doesn't require the firewall to be enabled, but the service must be started), and then you create a Windows firewall rule to enable the encryption.


      Since we use HIPS, we have the Windows firewall disabled.  How would we go about implementing the encryption portion of IPSEC with the firewall disabled?


      Thank you!