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    DLP not removing




      I have one machine with DLP 9.3, I  need to upgrade it to 9.4. I applied tag for remove old DLP and reboot after ASCI(1 hour). but it not removed from machine. so I deployed DLP 9.4  and reboot after 1 hour but still it showing DLP 9.3.

      can anyone tell me why?

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          you posted in the consumer general discussion forum - this is an enterprise product, and thus you'll get more help posting in business/data protection.

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              it seems that the installed product of DLP corrupted.

              did you try to remove product from that client directly i mean by generating uninstall code from EPO?

              if the answer is not so try it....

              and if you cant see the McAfee DLP Product on the program and features i would like to recommend a trick for it

              please install McAfee DLP 9.3 Manually on that computer over exiting version

              please try above solutions and do not hesitate to contact me if the problem persist