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    EPO 3.6.3 Policy Import?

      I see in the console there is a way to export policies into xml. However I do not see a way to import these. How do you import policies that you have exported?
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          In the help it says the following:

          Exporting and importing named policies
          If you have multiple servers, you can export and import named policies between them. In such an environment, you need only create a named policy once.

          You can export and import individual named policies, or all named policies for a given product.

          This feature can also be used to back up named policies, in case you must re-install the server at a future time.

          To share named policies between servers, you must export the named policy to a policy xml file from the Policy Catalog page of the source server, then import it to the Policy Catalog page on the target server:

          But it does not explain how to do the import
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            I figured out how to do this. You can close the thread