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    Want to remove the VSE from ePO


      Hi All,


      I could see many machines are not getting the DAT getting updates even after multiple DAT update task. I presume the VSE on the machine got corrupted.


      However I would like to reinstall VSE on those machines. In my environment of 10000+, all machines are not running with the same versions of VSE(ie one machine in 8.7 and another with the latest 8.8 patch 8).


      I would like to know if there is a single command that could be pushed from the ePO which is capable of removing the VSE irrespective the versions installed on the machine. As I could see the version needs to be mentioned while running a 'Run client task' for the removal of VSE. We only have latest VSE checked-in in our ePO which makes the removal task from the ePO not successful for the machines running with the previous versions of VSE.

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          Good Day Sree123


          What version of agent are you using ?


          DAT update failure could also be a corrupt agent .


          Recommendation : log onto a machine where there is a dat update failure . Access the agent monitor , do a collect and sent , update etc , and do a manual update . Chances are there is an issue with the agent communicating with the epo .

          Apologies updater component of the agent.

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            I'm afraid I don't know how to do this in one task, but I have been advised by McAfee support that if you set up a task to remove a newer version of VSE, it should remove all older versions of VSE too.  It certainly worked when I tested it out here.



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              eM Ka



              Please call to support and ask about VSERemoval tool (now it's called MFERemoval) - it's generated once per quarter.

              Using this tolol you will be able to remove all entries connected with VSE,




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