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    Need help getting on whitelist!!


      I have one application, which is currently flagged as a malware by VIRUSTOTAL.com with "Artemis!9A074695C1EB".


      Can someone please help me get my programs on whitelist? and finally I would like to get result without "Artemis!9A074695C1EB" tag on virustotal.


      I've heard and seen that whitelisting process in mcafee's business product can get rid of Artemis tag from VIRUSTOTAL.

      because mcafee's result from virustotal is from McAfee cloud scanners (according to virustotal)


      So, for that, here's what I have done below:


      1) submitted my file's link and information to datasubmission@mcafee.com

      2) one of the staff members in Mcafee's Korea branch sent the e-mail for whitelisting(and he verified it's not detected by Enterprise products like ENS / VSE) to datasubmission@mcafee.com on the behalf of me.

      3) submitted my file's link virus_research@avertlabs.com

      4) submitted my file's link virus_research@mcafee.com

      5) I also verified it is not detected by Consumer version from technical support team of mcafee.


      This file is over 10mb, so I just put my file's link instead of attaching the actual file. (but, i couldn't get any analysis ID)


      In spite of these attempts,I have never received any feedbacks from any mcafee supports I described above, and of course, It is actually not whitelisted when I check the file on virustotal.com!!!



      ▲ Result from virustotal.


      Due to this detection results from virustotal, I cannot update this products on Local biggest appstore, and it affects my company's profit services.

      Please proceed Whitelist process or let me know how to do that!


      I look forward to replying SOON!

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