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    Web Gateway HA and 10GBit throughput


      Hello everybody,

      has anyone experience or info when using Webgateway HA-Cluster and a througput more than 1GBit is needed?



      - 8xMWG hardware appliance

      - Appliances are configured using HA-Cluster on MWG.

      - Customer rises the internet connection to 4GBit.


      Any idea or info whats the best way to handle this?


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          Possibly not the answer you are looking for but we also have 8 appliances, 4 interfaces bonded on each server and fronted by a separate load balancer (loadbalancer.org using LVS layer 4 traffic routing). Peak production performance we have seen so far on this is ~7Gbit.

          The question that you are asking is one of the reasons I did not go down the HA-Cluster route.





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            Hi trishoar,

            thanks for the reply, i also thought about how this might can be handled with Bonding.

            Just a question, have you tested active-active bonding?


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              Hi Troja,


              Yes, we are using 802.3ad bonding and then have 802.1q trunks on top of that. With our traffic distribution, I see the links have a decent distribution of traffic.

              This is not the best example as we are education focusted and most of the users are away, but this does show each link is busy.

              [root@sch-mwg-01 access.log]# dstat -n -N eth0,eth1,eth2,eth3,bond0,bond0.602,bond0.26

              --net/eth0----net/eth1----net/eth2----net/eth3---net/bond0--net/bond0.6-net/bond 0.2

              recv  send: recv  send: recv  send: recv  send: recv  send: recv  send: recv  send

              733k  606k: 343k  584k: 253k  618k: 713k   29k:2042k 1838k: 256k 1747k:1691k   60k

              808k  621k: 255k  588k: 307k  613k: 449k  148k:1820k 1970k: 184k 1818k:1545k  118k

              706k  567k:1506k  840k: 424k 1677k: 522k   43k:3158k 3127k: 132k 3004k:2879k   52k

              741k  712k: 805k 1194k: 225k  483k: 546k   45k:2317k 2433k: 128k 2323k:2080k   66k

              854k  490k:2464k 2540k:2382k  591k: 693k 2173k:6393k 5794k: 184k 5560k:5911k   79k

              669k  551k: 891k 1604k: 388k  614k: 371k   61k:2320k 2830k: 179k 2689k:2028k   86k

              778k  601k: 465k  616k: 336k  558k: 470k  325k:2050k 2100k: 138k 1999k:1810k   68k

              841k  724k: 205k 1855k: 625k  616k: 719k   59k:2390k 3254k: 195k 3077k:2076k  108k