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    What are the advantages of using Agent 4.0 instead of

      We are running EPO 3.6.1 server with EPO agent

      I noticed that there is a McAfee Agent 4.0 out there for use. What are the major advantages of using this agent as opposed to the version?

      Should we wait until we upgrade to EPO 4.0 before using this 4.0 agent?
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          at a stable version of the agent today....4.0 offers stuff like being able to tell if the device is a laptop or not, language specific so there is one 4.0 agent for all language os's unlike 3.6 where there was an agent for every language, new msi package instead of only an exe and a few other things.....i would wait till you goto 4.0 server before the 4.0 agent.....the huge benefit of being with mcafee is that we are backwards/forward compatible with agents and servers. We dont make you goto the 4.0 agent to get to the 4.0 server......unlike some of mcafee's competitors.
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            Thanks for the information. We will ait until we switch to EPO 4.0 or the upcoming EPO 4.5.
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              have you applied the hotfixes/workaround for 3.6.574?

              Hotfix 10 for 3.6.574 to prevent DOS attack
              Apply Common Management Agent (CMA) 3.6.0 Patch 3 with HotFix 10 (CMA3603HF10.Zip).

              The workaround was just to only accept connections from the EPO server (sitelist) so I didnt bother, but there is another reason to go to 4.0 which isnt affected.

              (im still running 3.6.574 off my 3.6 EPO and 4 on 4 though)
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                No, we have not applied the hotfixes. We are not at risk of the DOS vulnerability since we lock down the host-based firewalls to only accept connections from the EPO server.

                I am currently testing the new agent, this includes two security fixes. I plan on pushing that agent in the next coming weeks.