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    Power-Fail State: Decrypting


      Hi, please apologize me if am posting this in wrong section.


      I was using Endpoint Encryption 7.1 on my laptop with Windows 7 and while system was booting hard disk failed.

      I send hard drive to local DR company and they were able to provide me with sector by sector image of the drive, now when i start my laptop with this new hard drive, it says EEPC has been corrupted.


      I have prepared EEtech bootable usb and started laptop with it, authorize with today's code and load the recovery key provided by my IT support but it say that file is not related to the primary disk, my question is does it means that the recovery key file is not correct or i miss something else.


      Under disk information, it shows


      Disk ID : 00

      Disk Information:

      GUID:         FEEEB40D:12CC:46DF:6C:CE:69:36:11:6D:7F

      AlgID:         AES-256-CBC

      Sector Map  : 7368416

      Sector Map Count:  26

      Key Check:  5750EDD9DF0C05F9

      Disk Power Fail Sate:

      Power-Fail State: Decrypting

      Power-Fail First Sector: 3982728

      Power-Fail Sector Count: 7560

      Disk Crypt List:

      Crypt List Region Count: 1

      Crypt Region 0 Start   :  3982728

      Crypt Region 0 Count  : 972788344

      Disk Partition:

      Partition Count : 1

      Partition 0 Type : NTFS (0x07)

      Partition 0 Bootable : True

      Partition 0 Recognized : True

      Partition 0 Drive Letter : C:

      Partition 0 Start Sector : 2048

      Partition 0 Sector Count : 976769024

      Partition 0 Bus Type  : ATA


      Further, after loading the recovery key file i load work space to examine some sector from encrypted area but they were not decrypting, so I assume the recovery key file is not correct.


      Can someone please shed some light onto it ?


      thanks in advance.