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    VirusScan 8.5 policies not showing up in epo 3.6.1 and framepkg problems.

      I've recently taken over a network for a departing employee and have extensive background with ePO however I'm stumped by this one.

      VirusScan 8.5.0i is checked into the repository but does not have any policies available for it.

      It shows up under Repository | Manage Packages however it does not show up under Repository | Maaged Products | Windows | VirusScan Enterprise. Only 8.0 shows up there. Also, under Policy Catalog, it's not listed there either.

      On the other hand if I look at a deployment task, it's listed as an option for deployment. What gives?

      Also when building a framepkg.exe on the server, it creates a version 3.5.5 but if I manually install the VirusScan Enterprise 8.5, then install my Framepkg.exe, it installs version 3.6 but simply installing the framepkg first installs 3.5.5.

      It appears that like the well organized admin this guy was he's let all the grants expire.

      I was able to locate the download of the VirusScan 8.5 / Antispyware product on the network and re-added it to the repository with the same reesults but was not able to locatre a framepkg version 3.6.

      Anyone have any sugestions?

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          answer the first half, you have vs85 checked into the repo which means you can deploy it. you do not have the nap file checked in which means you can not manage it. in epo deployability and manageability are 2 very different things. we do not force you to do both, you may for example want to manage 85 with epo and deploy with sms. in your case you have it backwards, you are able to deploy but not manage policies, very unconventional and very wrong. check in the nap file into epo.