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    SQL virtual server names



      it there an info available about using SQL virtual server names? Some customers are using this features. It is okay when using a SQL virtual server name. But during update and other procedures is makes big trouble.


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          Hello Thorsten,

                                   The topic of SQL and virtualization is so mainstream today. I read your question a couple of times and could use some additional thoughts from you. Could you articulate what you were thinking or experiencing with your last post? Where you having issues with SQL virtualization, SQL host naming, SQL instances? I'm not sure where to go but I would really love to hear more of what you have seen or are currently having issues with.


          I'm listening?



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            Any update would be appreciated.

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              Hello ja2013,

              i´m not the SQL expert. But, what we saw is the following. Customer tells us using virtual SQL hostnames. Also the SQL server itself is a virtual server on ESX.

              • During EPO setup when trying to generate the EPO Server Database this does not work if customer uses virtual SQL hostnames. Regardless if the default SQL instance is used or a named instance is used. The only solution is, using the real hostname during installation and afterwards changing the SQL server settings in EPO to the virtual SQL hostname.
              • This also does not work during an EPO upgrade. If not the real hostname is used, the upgrade failes.


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                Thanks for the answer and clarification. One thing about ePO is if you decide to modify what you think the process is (installation) and it wasn't intended to operate that way, it might not cooperate. Whenever I install ePO I let it do what is necessary to create the database. With that said I found an article you might want to look at as a guide, in case you haven't already.


                How to Add a Hostname Alias for a SQL Server Instance – David Browne's Web Log

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