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    Inactive Agent Query

      I am not sure if it happened before or after our upgrade to 4.0, but the Inactive Agent Query is missing. So, I can't run the Inactive Agent Cleanup Tast. Can someone tell me what the parameters are for this query or a location where I might be able to import it?

        • 1. we moved it
          we created a query instead called inactive agents which you can run anytime then take action on the results.....the power of this is all queries and dboards are actionable. even better you can automate it....click automation up top and choose run query, find the inactive agent query, then make the resulting action delete systems or any of the other many options in there.
          • 2. RE: we moved it
            What parameters did you use when you created the inactive agent query? Part of the problem is that many of the systems that are inactive have a Last Update as blank. I have not figured out a way to create a query with Last Update blank. The only options available are numerical values.