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    Web Gateway error java during import Rule Sets for Bypass Office 365

    luca andreoli

      Hi to all,

      despite having followed the indication for imports of rule sets for bypass office 365 and checked the version of rule sets match correctly with the our version of  Web Gateway version (17923)

      Following the instrution to Import the Rule Set in documentation McAfee:

      1. 1.) Access the McAfee Web Gateway Web Interface (UI)
      2. 2.) Open the “Policy” tab
      3. 3.) Find an appropriate location for the rule set, usually the rule set should be place on top of the rule set
      4. 4.) Select “Add -> Top Level Rule Set -> Import Rule Set from Library”
      5. 5.) Click the “Import from file” button in the lower left corner of the new window
      6. 6.) Select the rule set from the file you have download
      7. 7.) Solve all conflicts by “refer to existing” objects
      8. 8.) Done!


      We have many mistakes like a reported image below

      After I close all the windows of error java that present (not saved in the configuration) the rule is not at the top of the rule but basically as a last

      I did't found any indication for the resolution or how to proceed

      Thank you