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    Uninstall Virusscan Outlook Plugin on many clients

      Hi there !

      Shortly the situtation:

      We have here EPO Server 3.6.0 with deploying Agent and Virusscan 8.5 SP5
      For deployment we use the standart NAP.
      Clients: nearly 10000

      my Problem now is that our Microsoft Exchange Team wants me to Uninstall the McAfee Outlook Plugins everywhere, because they have Problems with corrupted OST-Files on CLients. And like everytime when there is a problem and people do not exactly know where to find it....yeah it is the Virusscan grin

      No my question is: How to uninstall / deactivate this Plugin on every client without to do a total Reinstall the product with a modified package?

      For example use some script or so on. We can deploy something also with SMS or SCCM...software manage tools.