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    Authentication in Android




      My WebGateway works with authentykation/NTLM (forward to 9090) and WCCP conf. for Mobile Devices.


      All works fine for Windows Phone/Mobile Devices and Android (older version with INTERNET apk - native web browser)

                - In INTERNET apk, users could auth/WCCP, and after this all mobile apps works with Internet


      but now, I have a problem with auth for new Android devices with 6.xx version, like LG/Samsung, where apk INTERNET dosen't exists.

                - In new devices I have only Google Chrome web browsers, and this apk can't auth (forward to port 9090 for WCCP/auth)


      Please, help.

      How I should configure my Web Gateway for auth Users with Android 6.xx. (not only for Chrome but for whole mobile system).