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    Need Assistance in Cleaning PC


      I can be wordy, so I'll keep this short on purpose. Please let me know if there are specifics that I need to put in this thread.


      Long story short, my PC has something - malware, a virus, something. In my experience with others, a clean install/rebuild is about the only clear solution. I'd rather avoid that due to the Windows 10 install no longer being free.


      I have McAfee Multi Access Total Protection (PC) that is free from Cox's Security Suite. Not only did it not prevent the issue from loading, a full scan still shows that there are no issues. I also grabbed Malwarebytes and it, too, states no issues. Both are fully up to date, so this is the most perplexing thing to me.


      However, if I open IE11, the main page is hijacked. It seemingly changes just about every time. MS Edge seems to be functioning normally (meaning I can navigate to other sites and the homepage is not hijacked), but IE is the issue.


      The initial site seems to be web-start.org, but the random pages it reroutes me to can be (but not limited to) the following:


      * support.techonline.com-security.site

      * www.uber.com

      * smartnewtab.com

      * satisfaction-surveys.org

      * ridmiffed.xyz (this site prompts for a Flash Player Update, but it's clearly not from Adobe.)


      Now interestingly enough, about 1 out of 5 attempts to open IE will prompt me with McAfee's "Whoa! Are you sure you want to go there?" It's their www.siteadvisor.com site. The latest one it recognized was web-start.org, however it doesn't ALWAYS prompt.

      Clearly there's an issue. I'd rather not rebuild for a number of reasons. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.