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    Tagging Help

      Hi all,

      Im trying to setup some group assiged tagging but have been having a problem an wondered if anyone could help or has done something similiar?

      I have setup a group called old clients which has a client task assigned to it to update old mcafee clients (version 8 or previous) to the latest version of 8.5. Unfortunatey, i cant find a tag that works, that finds old mcafee clients installed on workstations in order to put the workstation into the group ready for client upgrade by epo

      Does anyone have any ideas?


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          you mean you are using epo 4 with mcafee agent 4 and you are suing a query to assign a custom tag to workstations with a certain version of VSe for action?

          or are you trying to find a system tag to use? (it doesnt exist)
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            yeah, all i want to do is to somehow automatically put systems with old virusscan clients into their own group whereby the updated virusscan 8.5 then gets deployed to that group

            is that possible?
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              Simply create a tag named "Old VSE" with "less or equal 8.0" VSE product version and assign the sorting to a group you define.
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                From what I gather, tags can only be automatically applied based on hardware and OS parameters. I do not see any fields relating to product versions when creating a new tag.

                I had to create a query for the correct product versions I wanted, and then manually applied a tag to those systems.

                If there is a way to automatically tag systems based on product version, I would like to know how to do that.
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                  *create query
                  *create tag
                  *use automation section of epo 4 to run query regularly and apply tag to resulting machines
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                    TBH you dont need to use tags to do what you are trying to do, just use the deployment task at the group level set to run immediatly and push out VSE 8.5/8.7, if the machine already has the desired version it wont update, if it doesnt, it will...simple as that