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    ePO 4 Failover

      Hello, All.

      I have an ePO 4 server with about 50 distributed repositories across the US. I have been tasked with setting up another ePO 4 server at another site in case the main site goes down.

      How can this happen?

      The easiest solution that I've come up with so far is to push an image of the original to the alternate site. Change the IP and turn it off. Then when/if it's needed turn it on and change the DNS entries to point to the new IP.

      Is there an easier way?

      Thanks in advance for the advice/help.

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          Have u considered a clustered solution?
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            We have, but the two centers are 2000 miles apart. So, the heartbeat is a little difficult. Looking at a VMWare solution to this problem now.
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              Hi TTU.. We host our EPO4 server on a Windows 2003 Hyper V machine hosted on a Windows 2008 server. The only solution we could come up with regards to our Disaster Recovery requirements for EPO was to have this server on a spanned Vlan to our DR site and have another 2K8 server down there. We would then shut down the EPO4 server at the main site and copy the VHD hard drive file to this DR server.

              We did look at VMware but the Windows 2008 Hyper V option was free and the higher ups decided they liked this option more.. it's purely a purse strings scenario.. All fun and games.....
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                Thanks. We'll check that out as well.
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                  We run exactly what TTU described in the first post. Its possible, althought you don't need to push an entire image, you can have a the same setup as you would at your primary site. All you need to move over are the agent-server communication keys and any repository keys.

                  However, if you call McAfee for help, they apparently only support setting up the servers in a cluster mode. We were in a time crunch and would have done a cluster setup but the man in charge of architecting McAfee had no idea what he was doing.