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    ePO 3.5.0 Patch 7 to 3.6.1 upgrade problem

      I have attempted to run the upgrade but the setup program has fallen over at starting tomcat services. It fails with the following error

      Windows error code 1: Incorrect Function
      ErrorAPI: TomCatService
      Troubleshooting code: 228

      I have been going through McAfee Support Article KB43817, but am still getting stuck in the same place.

      Any ideas? The sql server is on a seperate box running 2005 standard.

      This is from the end of the log file

      20080904114645 service start type: RSDSERVER361, 2
      20080904114645 Getting dependencies for Service [RSDSERVER361].
      20080904114645 Found the following dependencies for Servce [RSDSERVER361]: NtLmSsp,
      20080904114645 Setting the following dependencies for Service [RSDSERVER361]: NtLmSsp,
      20080904114645 service start: RSDSERVER361
      20080904114645 Service "RSDSERVER361" is currently START pending. Waiting for service to START.
      20080904114650 Event [Global\EPO-OpenForBusiness] created successfully.
      20080904115150 Timeout while waiting for service event to trigger.
      20080904115150 ----- Fail -----
      20080904115150 The McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator Application Server service failed to start.

      Please attempt to start the service manually before continuing with the install.

      Windows error code 1: Incorrect function.
      Error API: TomcatStartService
      Troubleshooting code: 228