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    How do i configure the ePO Console to show Disk Encryption Status withing the System Tree for easy sorting, I.e 'Active' or 'Inactive'


      Hi Everyone,


      I'm looking for some assistance on getting basic information listed in a way that convenient for me and not having to click in through many levels to get an 'Active' message.


      When looking at my machines from the System Tree, i've attempted to modify the columns with more relelvant info, such as whether a machine is encrypted or not. A simple Yes or No would suffice.

      At the moment, i am having to click into a system and go through various click before arriving at the Disk Encryption Status as either 'Active' or 'Inactive'.


      Does anyone know how i can enable this basic information in a column from the System Tree? This is through EEGO and not Native Encryption.

      This would help me out greatly with my deployment!!