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    Rogue System Detection - is it good for you?


      I have looked through documentation and it seems it is a nice system, but I don't see it as a good addition to my network. As I already have AD sync and automatic deployment of antivirus. Think that adding this to the network will not give me added value as I will have to filter out all the routers and other stuff like printers and appliances and so, on some 100 different departments.

      Although I see an added value for people who are not running with AD sync and auto deploy.

      What do the rest of you think?
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          We have a number of sites and have found it very valuable for identifying all of the devices that wind up getting connected to our network like a salesperson's laptop in a remote site or an employees home computer (yes, a user actually brought their home laptop in and jacked into our network w/o authorization).

          In the past, it was also helpful in finding the agents that "fell out" of epo.

          I have 225 exception devices on our install and it wasn't that much work to classify the printers, routers, switches, KVMs, ect.
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            the exceptions were easy enough to apply using EPO 3.6.1 RSS but ive had issues applying them with EPO 4.02 RSS (it doesnt seem to want to apply the automatic filters a lot of the time) Im still holding on to my old 3.6.1 EPO server just for the easier use of RSS it gives me on that area.