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    Encryption error


      Hi all...


      i am facing issue in mcafee encryption after encryption installed on laptop it crashes after first boot and its showing encryption error message in black display screen "Mcafee drive encryption  Fatal Error [0xEE020006] Getting Disk info " this was occurred  after Encryption installed and First reboot.......

      Can any one help me here..

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          I don't have my notes so i dont know the exact setting but i believe it was something in the BIOS with the uefi vs legacy boot option

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            This usually means that you're trying to install EEPC on a GPT disk, or the non-UEFI version of EEPC on a UEFI system. Knowing more about exactly what you're trying to install, and exactly what status the machine was in (GPT/MBR/UEFI etc) will be helpful.

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              This error is caused by a disk access issue. The specific cause would be unique to the make / model of system that you are using. As a starting point, search https://kc.mcafee.com for the error you are receiving or the model number of the system you are using to see if this issue has previously been investigated and resolved. If not, these troubleshooting steps may help:


              1. Ensure the SATA Operational Mode is set to AHCI. If it is set to ATA you may need to reimage the system as Windows could experience a BSOD as the AHCI drivers may not be available.

              2. Update the BIOS (UEFI Firmware)

              3. Update the HDD firmware

              4. Ensure the IRST (Intel Rapid Storage Technology) Storage driver is installed.

              5. Update Drive Encryption to (The latest release), check in the Hardware Compatability XML (Attached to KB81900), and emergency boot or reactivate MDE on the system.

              6. If the system is in Legacy UEFI mode (BIOS emulation), decrypt and deactivate Drive Encryption, enable Preboot Smart Check on the system, and reactivate.


              As SafeBoot stated, knowing the architecture of the system is useful. If you have the disk set to GPT and BIOS set to Legacy UEFI, the system will be unstable. Likewise, if the disk is MBR and you are booting UEFI Native, the system will also be unstable. You can check in the BIOS how the system is booting. Lrun:


              bcdedit -enum


              This will show the Windows Boot Loader.


              UEFI Native=        \windows\system32\winload.efi


              Legacy BIOS=      \WINDOWS\system32\winload.exe


              The boot loader must match the boot type listed in the BIOS.

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                I have those problems with Dell models. Check disk's firmware and BIOS updates on Dell website. Good luck, Dell + Drive Encryption = headache.

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                  .. am facing this with lenovo

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                    What is the disk vendor? Samsung?

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                      this issue also happening in Lenovo laptop also

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                        Yes Lenovo laptops, but hard disk vendor?

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                          no idea about vendor how can I find that

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