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    Why isn't this installing itself?

      Alright, so I've been forced by my school to download McAfee Epo.

      I downloaded it from their website (they give it to us for free!), and installed it.

      It told me that the setup was successful and everything.
      However, on the schools webpage for computer support and software download, it says that a little red M should appear in my taskbar.

      This has not happened.

      Not only this, but McAfee doesn't appear in my programs list in either my start menu or my Add or Remove Programs list in Control Panel.

      The website also said that Virusscan should have been installed when I installed Epo, but it wasn't.


      Oh, btw I'm running Windows XP if that helps.
        • 1. Hello there
          Vinod R
          Welcome to the forums

          when ever you post kindly post more details... so that when someone takes a look at it he can understand the issue better and reply faster as this is a sort of offline communication unlike a chat so there is a chance that others may not get thing they need to figure out the problem..

          for instance always post..
          1) Which operating system & service pack do you have and how much RAM?
          (Right-click My Computer, Computer in Vista and select Properties or go to Start/Run & enter winver then hit the Enter key).
          2) Which McAfee products have you (but may have uninstalled) had on your machine previously?
          (Double-click the taskbar icon to open SecurityCenter and then click "View Details" or "About").
          3) Which programs do you currently have installed? (Version Numbers help.)
          (See the previous item).
          4) Is your operating system an upgrade from a previous version?
          5) What file system are you using? (Open My Computer, right click on your C: and select Properties)
          6) How are you connected to the Internet? (Dialup/broadband)
          7) Version numbers are different depending on where you are in the world. What part of the world are you in. (example- US/UK)

          other than this.. any specfic error messages or symptoms and other relevant informaiton always helps (which you have done...)

          Once you post this.. as soon as a technician or an experienced user for the product sees it he /she will post an appropriate reply..

          Happy posting
          • 2. RE: Why isn't this installing itself?
            1)I have Windows XP Version 5.1 (Build 2600.xpxp.080413-2111 : Service Pack 3) and I have 2,096,164 KB of physical memory available.

            2) Like I said, there is no task bar icon. That's my problem.


            4)I have no idea! But I don't think it is..

            5)NTFS Local Disk


            7)And I am in Canada.

            Hope this helps!
            • 3. RE: Why isn't this installing itself?
              Some initial questions

              1)what was the name of the file you downloaded?
              2)did you get any on screen pormpts or dialogues when you ran it?
              3)do you have an folder unde c:\program files\mcafee or c:\program files network associates
              4)are you logging on to XP with an adminitsrator level account
              5)do you have a firewall enabled? or additional firewall software installed in addition to windows firewall?
              6)do you have any other AV software already installed?

              • 4. RE: Why isn't this installing itself?

                The name of the file is "McAfeeSecurity"

                The only screen prompt I received was a small gray box which told me that it was installing itself, then it told me it was setup successfully.

                Yes, I have a file under there...it was placed there after the setup

                I am the administrator of my PC, yes.

                No, I don't have any other virus software enabled or installed.
                • 5. RE: Why isn't this installing itself?
                  right click on the file you got and then post the properties of it please inlcuding any version numbers.

                  a file under where?? you have files on one of those paths? which one, what files? post a list of the executable names.

                  • 6. RE: Why isn't this installing itself?

                    I have files under C:\Program Files\McAfee\Common Framework

                    Here are the executables:

                    Frm Inst

                    Framework Service

                    Mc Scan Check




                    Mc Script_In Use


                    • 7. RE: Why isn't this installing itself?
                      What file did you want me to get the numbers from? The install for McAfee or the folder in Program Files??
                      • 8. RE: Why isn't this installing itself?
                        if you go to start and run command then browse to the cmdagent.exe executable, once you have this showing in the run command add a space and /s to the end of the string there then hit OK

                        if its installed fully this should bring up the GUI interface for the agent

                        in the GUI is it running (green) if you hit the top right four buttons you should see whats going on (or you may get a red service not running message)
                        • 9. RE: Why isn't this installing itself?
                          Admiral Awesome...
                          Pardon me butting in on this conversation, but it sounds like you've been told to download McAfee ePO, but are expecting this to show you a little red M in the system tray....

                          ePO is a tool to manage Anti-Virus clients (and that is why it is free)
                          McAfee Viruscan is the actual Anti-Virus software, and it is THAT which will show you the red M.

                          I would check with your school if they actually meant ePO or not - if they did then the expectation for a red M is wrong.
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