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    EPO/Framwork Client questions

      Hello, I am currently running EPO 3.5 Patch 3. The majortity of our clients are running agent version 3.50.442. The majority of VShield clients are running 7.1. My first question is with regard to the EPO agent. When cloning machines, is there any best practice for having the virus scanner installed as well as having an EPO agent installed? There is a bit of confusion as to whether or not an agent is installed with the scanner install or if it has to be manually run afterwards to have it check in with the server. It seems that the machines check in to EPO without running the frameclient setup.

      My second question is regarding upgrading the server. Because I am so far back, I think the best course of action is to build a new epo 4.0 server and while migrating the desktops and servers up to 8.0 or 8.5 point them at the new server? Does this sound like a good path or should I consider upgrading my current EPO 3.5 server? My concern with the 3.5 server is that there are tons of old machines that haven't been deleted in ages and I'm thinking I should just start over. Do the EPO agents have to be upgraded before an EPO server? Kind of confusing how that would work. Thanks for any advice.
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          There's no problem in using an image with both CMA and VSE installed. Just be sure to remove the AgentGUID key, from the registry, so you don't have problems.

          Regarding your second question, ePO 4.0 requires CMA minimum version to be 3.5.5. So if you have 3.5.0 you need to upgrade the CMA first.
          After upgrade the CMA, you can install a new ePO 4.0 server and later config to the IP of the older ePO server.