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    EPO management multiple subnets


      I'm trying to get my head round EPO and managing my AV software over multiple subnets.

      So far I have managed to add machines from three subnets, all of which are contained withing a single AD domain.

      The problem begins with my remote VPN sites which are not domain members and are on additional subnets.
      I don't seem to be able to find a way to get EPO to discover these machines to allow the deployment of the agent and software.

      Can anyone help?

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          If the remote sites are not domain members then you need an account to be able to send agent install with those credentials.
          Another way if to install locally.
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            Thanks for that. I do have the credentials to manage the remote systems. That isn't my problem.
            The issue is getting EPO to discover them.
            When trying to add new machines, I can only select from a list of discovered domains.
            Is there any way I can force EPO to scan a particular subnet?

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              You can use the Rogue Agent Service to discover all computers on that subnet.
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                It's nice to know I'm on the right track. I thought that too.
                I have installed Rogue System Detection on the EPO server and added the subnets required in the 'subnet status' section in the network tab.
                I now have 15 subnets classed as 'Uncovered' with 0 covered or containing rogues.

                I still cannot get EPO to detect the machines on subnets outside my domain.
                Reading about a bit, it looks like I need to install a rogue system sensor on each subnet. Is this correct?
                If so, I can't deploy the sensor using EPO as the EPO server is not showing the systems on the subnets.
                Also, if I did do this, the sensor would have to be deployed on a XP worksation as I have no servers on the remote subnets to install on.

                Am I missing something here to get the extra systems detected by EPO? I am currently managing only 47 of around 160 machines.

                Thanks for you help
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                  Yes, you need to install one sensor per subnet.

                  So you have to do local CMA installation of at least one system. When that system reports back to epo, you need to deploy the rogue sensor to it, so that he can start the subnet monitoring.


                  Edit: There's no problem in deploying the rogue agent to a XP machine. But first you need to have an CMA (epo agent) live and kicking.
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                    Thanks, I'll give it a go when I manage to get to one of the sites and let you know how I get on.