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    Policy Creation

      Hi all,

      Forgive the probably easy question, i am still pretty new to the mcafee system.

      I am running epo v4.0 patch 2 and i am trying to create a new policy to rollout to our company servers (which are in a group titled 'servers')

      I go in and create the policy OK (basing it on the mcafee default). However, when i try to change the "settings for" drop-down box from workstation to server, the policy does not update and does not allow me to save (save button is greyed out). This means all my policies so far remain set to workstation depsite some of the policies actually being created specifically for server use.

      Is there a way around this or am i doing something completely stupid here? Any help will be appreciated as this is the only thing stopping me from completing the setup of the mcafee epo setup