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    Push CMA/VSE to computers running og VPN?


      I've finally got my ePO software and VSE 8.5 up and running, but I still need to get the Common Management Agent and VSE 8.5 pushed to some computers. But the computers are all over the world and they connect to the server through a VPN connection.

      Is it possible to push the software to them over VPN?

      The reason why I'm asking is because I can't see them when i try to add new computers to the ePO.
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          No its not possible.

          The only way for you to send the epo agent packet to them is to get them when they are on the network.
          And you need to do it for each one of them. That also requires you to have an account with privileges on those clients, in order for them to accept the remote install.

          Aside that you can try to setup a Rogue Service for discovery, if all clients are on the same subnet, you can try to setup a task to send the ePO agents to all 'unmanaged' clients.
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            the above poster is correct, that the machine needs to be on the network in order to receive the epo agent package and other software, as well as the privilege issue.

            once the machine is connected to the VPN successfully, you can push this software down. this is not a problem for followup software (VSE, HIPS, what have you) but doing so for the initial EPO agent installation will require some babysitting.

            depending on how many machines you still need to deploy to, what version of EPO you are running, and how your network is configured (subnets, as mentioned above), the rogue system sensor may work out well for you.

            alternatively you could deploy the EPO agent via SMS package or something similar if you have that in your environment.
            • 3. EPO agent Push.
              SMS worked for me in the past, but its a bit expensive to setup just to push the EPO agent to machines.

              Are the VPN machines listed in AD ?

              You could also create a report to find machine that have a BLANK agent. From here create an automated agent push using the above query and have this run every hr.

              The advantage of this is that it will run 24/7/365 will no need for babysitting.

              I am based in the UK and i used this method to push agents to machines in Oz and NZ overnight over very small bandwidth.