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    What packages should I be pulling

      I'm trying to reduce the number of packages my ePO pulls. I'm hoping someone can help as I'm not sure what some of them are. The products we are running are

      VSE 8.5i plus Anti-Spyware
      GS 7.0 for exchange 2003
      ePO 4.0 patch 2
      Agent 4.0 (though most have 3.6)

      I currently have 14 packages selected, but I'm guessing that's way to many. I have the following
      In Signatures and Engines
      DAT (I know I want this)
      Engine (I know I want this)
      extraDat (not sure what this is so I left it checked)
      Host Intrusion Prevention (same as above)
      PUP DAT (I know it's potentionaly unwanted program, needed for spyware module?)
      SCM Dat (not sure so left checked)
      SCM Engine (not sure so left checked)
      SuperDAT (I know what it is, since I'm getting engine and dat already do I need?)
      System Compliance Profiler template (2.0) (both checked, not sure what are)

      Under Products and Patches and Service Packs
      VSE 8.5 (I know I want this)

      Under Other (not sure if I needed any of the following so I left them checked)
      Infection Checks 0174
      MS Bulletin Checks 0174
      Product Checks 0174

      Any advice on stuff I may or may not need would be great.