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    TIE Failed to communicate with tie.gti.mcafee.com using Proxy

    secpro m

      Our ePO & TIE is not internet faced. So we created an ACL rule in web proxy to allow TIE server to communicate with tie.gti.mcafee.com. TIE is unable to contact GTI cloud, may be any configuration is missing on network configuration of TIE server.


      If we tried to set our DNS under TIE network configuration then it reaching internal DNS to lookup tie.gti.mcafee.com URL -- result failed

      If we tried to remove DNS entries under network configuration - By setting, IP, subnet & Default GW -- still it is failed.


      please advise the steps to be configured on TIE server to reach GTI cloud via proxy ( our proxy is in DMZ - already 9090 port is in opened).